Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I feel like I have to walk kind of funny after eating lots of candy
and stuff. Like my thighs are rubbing together or something. Weird.
But on the bright side we did get easter candy for easter, so that's
nice. Later today I'll pretend like I'm watching Ben Hur or 10
Commandments to fully commemorate the holiday.


  1. Hi Sam!

    We carefully divvied up the candies I bought this year, except Beth has been raiding candy stashes over the past week and I'm trying to lose weight, so our candy is in bags to be doled out carefully over time.

    I calculated the caloric load of the stash and it's 2400 calories, not counting the actual boiled eggs. Nuts.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I bought the easter candy I recall enjoying as a child, though since not eating chocolate I don't eat peanut M&Ms or robin eggs anymore. So I don't even know if my children like these things. Fortunately I was down in Provo yesterday and RC was very appreciative.

    I did get quite a few non chocolate/white chocolate confections.

    I am also trying to lose weight, and so is MJBMM. We should make a team. Have you ever been on Sparkpeople?

  3. Dinda: Yay, Happy Easter Sam and all your buddies.

  4. Cool -- what's the word on the Kandahar clamp-down?

  5. Dear Sam,
    I hope this finds you someplace closer to home. The FRG newsletter indicates that a lot of you are on the way. I will have to give you the goodies when you get here, or let me know otherwise. Yes, saving money for dating and then only spending it if you get turned down is a way to reward yourself for anticipated pain.