Friday, April 16, 2010

Shock and confusion

I realized once again that the world will continue to produce wonders
without me having to buy anything. It's kind of amazing when I think
of the implications. If only I could be frozen (or maybe just sleep
for 20 hours a day) through the next 10 or 20 years, I would be
astounded at the awesome stuff people came out with. Or my sleep
capsule would be consumed in wild fires heralding the end of

Have you seen "The Road"? I saw a bad copy of that the other day, but
it had Viggo Mortensen in it, so it's probably a good movie. I judge
movies based on the actors in them, it's true.


  1. Dinda writes: I want someone to make books for bloggers. It's not very high tech, but it's a good I'd want.
    But anyway, there's a lot of awesome stuff that never was even mentioned in any of the futuristic shows of the past. I guess science fiction writers aren't the ones actually defining the future of products.

  2. There have been some excellent and even astounding products that came and then no longer were available because the word didn't get out or people were too conservative to change the way they do things. I've seen this happen particularly in the art world, but it happens in a lot of areas. We are not always on an upward path.